Individual vampires listed by their first canon appearance.

Image Name Debut (as a vampire) Status
Darla3 Darla "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Deceased
Luke Luke "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Deceased
Face The Master "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Deceased
Angelus1 Angel "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Undead
Buffy101 586 Thomas "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Deceased
VampJesse Jesse McNally "The Harvest" Deceased
Colin Colin "The Harvest" Deceased
Claw Claw "Teacher's Pet" Deceased
Nkabotfd042 Unidentified "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" Deceased
Sihfgih Unidentified "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" Deceased
3 Buffy105-andrew Andrew Borba "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" Deceased
Collin Collin "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date" Deceased
Three The Three "Angel" Deceased
Buffy slay vamp nightmares Buffy Summers "Nightmares" Alive
Absalom Absalom "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Ned Ned "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Tara vampire Tara "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Wswb472 Bob "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Vamp jane Jane "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Wswb473 Walt "When She Was Bad" Deceased
Stephan Korshak Stephan Korshak "Some Assembly Required" Deceased
Spike3 Spike "School Hard" Undead
Mytologieupiru1 Unidentified "School Hard" Deceased
Lean Boy Unidentified "School Hard" Deceased
Julie-Landau l Drusilla "School Hard" Undead
Buffy8 Sheila Martini "School Hard" Undead
2X06HAL0047 Unidentified "Halloween" Undead
LieToMe Julia Julia "Lie to Me" Undead
Vampire Ford Billy Fordham "Lie to Me" Deceased
Doktor-2x08 Unidentified "The Dark Age" Deceased
Dalton Dalton "What's My Line, Part One" Deceased
45906 Lyle Gorch "Bad Eggs" Undead
Tectorgorch Tector Gorch "Bad Eggs" Deceased
CaptureWiz002 Theresa Klusmeyer "Phases" Deceased
Immolation-o-gram Unidentified "Becoming, Part One" Deceased
349 Andrew Hoelich "Anne" Deceased
Trick Mr. Trick "Faith, Hope & Trick" Deceased
Kakistos2 Kakistos "Faith, Hope & Trick" Deceased
FHT 172 Disco Dave "Faith, Hope & Trick" Deceased
Lylecandy Candy Gorch "Homecoming" Deceased
Lenny Lenny "Lovers Walk" Deceased
Vampire Xander 03 Alexander Harris "The Wish" Deceased
Buffy06 Willow Rosenberg "The Wish" Deceased
Thewish323 The Master "The Wish" Undead
Angel Wishverse Angel "The Wish" Deceased
Gingerbread008 Sanderson "Gingerbread" Deceased
LOTHOS Lothos The Origin, Part One Deceased
Amilyn Amilyn The Origin, Part One Deceased
Bessel Bessel The Origin, Part One Deceased
Robert Berman Robert Berman The Origin, Part One Deceased
Buffy the Vampire Slayer film vampire Benny Jacks The Origin, Part Two Deceased
01-007 Grueller The Origin, Part Two Deceased
Zachary Kralik I Zachary Kralik "Helpless" Deceased
Blair II Blair "Helpless" Deceased
Vincent Vincent "Bad Girls" Deceased
Alphonse Alphonse "Doppelgangland" Deceased
Buffy319 0316 Unidentified "Choices" Deceased
Choices279 Unidentified "Choices" Deceased
Sunday Sunday "The Freshman" Deceased
Rookie Rookie "The Freshman" Deceased
Fotografie-0021 Tom "The Freshman" Deceased
Dav II Dav "The Freshman" Undead
4X01FRE1332 thumb Eddie "The Freshman" Deceased
Jerry rookie Jerry "The Freshman" Deceased
Cityof0105 Unidentified "City Of" Deceased
Upír (1x01) 2 Unidentified "City Of" Deceased
Russell winters Russell Winters "City Of" Deceased
Vampire Harmony Harmony Kendall "The Harsh Light of Day" Undead
59 25 Brian "The Harsh Light of Day" Undead
Marcus Marcus "In the Dark" Deceased
Russ Russ "Bachelor Party" Deceased
Jamie Jamie "Pangs" Deceased
Angel111-penn Penn "Somnambulist" Deceased
Angel115-suit1 Unidentified "The Prodigal" Deceased
Buffy416 0482 Boone "Who Are You?" Deceased
Buffy417 jape Jape "Superstar" Undead
Ty Ty "War Zone" Deceased
Angel120-knox Knox "War Zone" Deceased
Alonna2 Alonna Gunn "War Zone" Deceased
Angel121 271 Unidentified Blind Date Deceased
Buffy vs Dracula Dracula "Buffy vs. Dracula" Undead
Buffyvsd27 Three Sisters "Buffy vs. Dracula" Undead
Cyrus Cyrus "Real Me" Deceased
RealMe333 Brad Konig "Real Me" Deceased
Harmonyminion Mort "Real Me" Deceased
Buffy502 1315 Peaches "Real Me" Deceased
Angel203-woman2 Unidentified "First Impressions" Deceased
5X05NPLH0071 Unidentified "No Place Like Home" Deceased
Darlas agent Unidentified "Dear Boy" Undead
Buffy508 SandyVamp Sandy "Family" Deceased
Fools for love2 Unidentified "Fool for Love" Deceased
Angel208-jaydon Jay-Don "The Shroud of Rahmon" Deceased
5X09LTF0223 Unidentified "Listening to Fear" Undead
Shempire Unidentified "The Trial" Deceased
5X10ITW0731 Unidentified "Into the Woods" Deceased
IntoTheWoods Whip Whip "Into the Woods" Deceased
5X10ITW2045 Unidentified "Into the Woods" Deceased
Fbkahje Mutt "Crush" Undead
Buffy514 0721 Jeff "Crush" Undead
Hdafjkjweged Unidentified "The Body" Deceased
2x17DISH1317 Doug Sanders "Disharmony" Deceased
Tibor Tibor "Disharmony" Deceased
Icarus2 Icarus The Calling Deceased
St Just Saint Just Righteous Deceased
Catherine Catherine Presumption Deceased
Tó Bájíshchíní Unidentified The Glittering World Deceased
BargainingI 295 Unidentified "Bargaining, Part One" Deceased
Angel301-elisabeth Elisabeth "Heartthrob" Deceased
James James "Heartthrob" Deceased
Vampire (Heartthrob) Unidentified "Heartthrob" Deceased
Harth Fray Harth Fray Out of the Past Deceased
Justin Justin "All the Way" Deceased
Zack 3 Zack "All the Way" Deceased
GLENN Glenn "All the Way" Deceased
Vampi christy Christy "All the Way" Deceased
Vampi Maria Maria "All the Way" Deceased
Carl vampire Carl "All the Way" Deceased
Gju Unidentified "Once More, with Feeling" Deceased
Khv Unidentified "Once More, with Feeling" Deceased
Ul-thar Cult of Ul-thar "Quickening" Deceased
Angel309ap8 Sarah Holtz "Dad" Deceased
Cordyverse Angel Angel "Birthday" Undead
Vampire Unidentified "Villains" Undead
Jeff-as-vampire-in-Buffy-jeff-denton-890574 720 528 Pelletti "Lessons" Deceased
Driver vamp Unidentified "Deep Down" Deceased
Marissa Marissa "Deep Down" Deceased
Holdenwebster Holden Webster "Conversations with Dead People" Deceased
Sleeper0621 Charlotte "Sleeper" Deceased
Turok-Han Turok-Han "Never Leave Me" Deceased
Buffy712 714 Unidentified "Potential" Deceased
Paco Paco "Salvage" Deceased
Angel413 502 Karl "Salvage" Deceased
Rosaria Rosaria "Salvage" Deceased
4x14RELE0179 Unidentified "Release" Undead
4x14RELE0187 Unidentified "Release" Undead
4x14RELE0169 Unidentified "Release" Undead
4x14RELE0173 Unidentified "Release" Undead
Anne Pratt Anne Pratt "Lies My Parents Told Me" Deceased
4x18SHP0643 Unidentified "Shiny Happy People" Deceased
Talky meat Unidentified "Sacrifice" Deceased
Tamika Tamika "Harm's Way" Deceased
Samvamp Sam Lawson "Why We Fight" Deceased
Nostroyev Nostroyev "Why We Fight" Deceased
Tpol The Prince of Lies "Why We Fight" Deceased
DamesTA Unidentified Dames Deceased
Sophiedowns Sophie Downs Tales of the Vampires, Part One Deceased
217-1 Roche Tales of the Vampires, Part One Undead
Stacy\'s.sire Unidentified Stacy Undead
Stacy Stacy Stacy Undead
James.whitcomb James Whitcomb Jack Undead
Totv02 Jack the Ripper Jack Deceased
FatherTA Unidentified Father Undead
Tom.mitchell Tom Mitchell Father Deceased
Unidentified Dust Bowl Undead
Unidentified Dust Bowl Deceased
Joe.cooper Joe Cooper Dust Bowl Undead
The.ratcatcher Unidentified Taking Care of Business Deceased
Ratcatcher sire Unidentified Taking Care of Business Undead
Unidentified Some Like It Hot Undead
Wiseau Wiseau Asylum, Part Two Deceased
WarZoneGunn Charles Gunn After the Fall, Part One Alive
Tank Tank After the Fall, Part Six Undead
Angel021 Gunn's sire After the Fall, Part Eight Deceased
Vic.vampire Vic After the Fall, Part Nine Deceased
Toru.toru Toru Wolves at the Gate, Part One Deceased
Kumiko Kumiko Ishihara Wolves at the Gate, Part One Undead
Raidon Raidon Wolves at the Gate, Part One Deceased
010 Unidentified Wolves at the Gate, Part Three Deceased
11 Unidentified Wolves at the Gate, Part Four Undead
Justin.harmony Justin Harmony Bites Deceased
Buffy8x24 (12) Unidentified Safe Undead
May May The Thrill Deceased
Jacob Jacob The Thrill Undead
Sebastian Sebastian The Thrill Undead
Cyn Cyn Carpe Noctem, Part One Deceased
Ash Ash Carpe Noctem, Part One Undead
Cynthia Daniels Cynthia Daniels Freefall, Part One Deceased
Fraser-Gang-Vampir Unidentified Live Through This, Part Two Deceased
John Doe John Doe Freefall, Part Two Deceased
Buffy 03 010 Alessandra Freefall, Part Three Undead
Buffy 03 011 Clare Freefall, Part Three Deceased
Cheung Miranda Cheung Apart (of Me), Part One Deceased
Space-bug-zompire thing Irene In Space No One Can Hear You Slay Deceased
16 Post Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part One Deceased
Tessa freer-0 Tessa Freer Welcome to the Team, Part One Deceased
SimoneNoto Simone Doffler The Core, Part Three Deceased
Vicki3 Vicki The Core, Part Five Undead
Parnell Parnell Old Habits Deceased
Walt Zane Walt Zane Lost and Found, Part Four Deceased
Walt's sire Walt Zane's sire Lost and Found, Part Five Undead
Edmund Edmund Love Dares You, Part One Undead
Shane Shane Those Who Can't Teach, Teach Gym, Part One Deceased
Annabelle Annabelle Those Who Can't Teach, Teach Gym, Part One Deceased
Blythe Blythe Those Who Can't Teach, Teach Gym, Part One Deceased
Angus Angus A Little More than Kin, Part One Deceased
Golgotha Golgotha In Pieces on the Ground, Part One Deceased
Brandt Brandt A Tale of Two Families, Part One Deceased
Roux Roux Girl Blue, Part One Deceased
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