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Blood and circuses.

VampCon was an event for vampires organized by Harmony Kendall. It was also attended by demons and humans sympathizers.[1]


First edition[]

In order to gain allies against common enemies, the military reached out to both factions of vampires — classic and new breed. They were represented respectively by Harmony and Vicki, and abided to the Harmony Rules. Representing humanity, the Slayer Buffy Summers was a requested guest, known for sealing fair treats before.[1]

The event took place at the Bacchanal Resort & Casino, in Las Vegas: a public place, close to civilians, and humans "groupies" also attended. Harmony made such request for protection against a possible betrayal from the military. Military members were also forbidden; Satsu was quickly expelled after she dropped Buffy and Spike at the place.[1]

As entertainment, a traditional trial by combat was a condition to seal the alliance, the octagon conducted by Clem. Buffy and the vampire Spike respectively fought and won against the vampire Golgotha and an unknown demon. Although, while watching each others' fight, Harmony and Vicki attempted to provoke the couple and unsettle their relationship, remarking about their differences and certain end.[1]

VampCon 2[]

For the following VampCon, Harmony and Clem produced a documentary on the changes the vampire community faced on the last few years, such as adapting to being public and the importance of the Harmony Rules. They attempted to interview Buffy about her changing the rules: not being the only Slayer anymore, surviving so long, dating vampires, her relationship with Spike, the reason they're responsible for the Vampyr book, and the immediate attack from a rogue watcher and a rogue vampire against her. Harmony ended the interview questioning the audience: "Is she the best Slayer ever... or the worst?"[2]