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Slick like ghoul and gird in moonlight, father of portents and brother to blight. Limbs with talons, eyes like knives, bane to the blameless, thief of lives.
Rupert Giles reads about the Vahrall demon.[src]

Vahrall demon was a demon species of fearsome reputation. In 2000, three of them went to Sunnydale to perform the Sacrifice of Three and bring forth the end of the world.[1]


Vahrall demons were superhumanly strong, very fast, and durable enough to withstand a crossbow bolt. They possessed fang-like teeth and razor-sharp fingernails.[1]

Although they weren't much taller than an average human, Riley Finn, who only saw one for a moment, visually analyzed him as being three meters (9 ft) tall and weighing approximately 100–120 kilograms (220-264 lb), with the exaggerated height description being likely due to the demon's fearsome appearance.[1]



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