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Past Slayers ==

I hope I put the "talk" in the right place ...

How many Slayers before Buffy do we ever learn about? Here's the ones I can remember ... 1. The First Slayer 2. Ampata, from "Inca Mummy Girl" (2:4). I notice the wiki on that episode doesn't say she was a Slayer, but it seems clear to me that she was. 3. A Korean Slayer (unnamed) who was active in the 40s (?); see "Puppet Show" (1:9) 4. A Chinese Slayer (unnamed) killed by Spike during the Boxer Rebellion 5. Nikki Woods, the Harlem Slayer, killed by Spike in 1977. In "Blackout," a non-canonical novel, we're told that Nikki was called when a "girl in Poland" died, but there are no details.

Are there any others? In the 1992 movie, there are passing mentions of at least two more, and the Dark Horse comics mention several, including one in Germany during the Nazi era.

One thing that has always bugged me is that no one, including Buffy, ever shows any interest in her immediate predecessor. Who died to make Buffy the Slayer?

Zhandele 03:54, October 29, 2009 (UTC)

Hi! there have been a lot of slayer, as you know, and all of them (including the slayers from the non-canonical books are in this page: Slayer timeline. --- Trebio, October 29, 2009
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