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Hey, GILESFAN411. I understand your interest on identifying the episodes under the trope of being the seventh in a season or taking place on Buffy's birthday, but these are categories that both have been deleted before. It's no problem if you disagree, I'm open for discussion, but the trouble with these categories is that we cannot categorize the 254 different Buffy and Angel episodes (plus over 500 unique comic and prose stories) simply based on themes, which are often a personal perspective, a fanon concept, or even too few occurrences to be relevant as a category. In the case of the category:seventh episodes, it is not an official descriptor, and therefore it would open to any fan to come and simply invent and add their own concept; for these commentaries, we have the "behind the scenes" section in each episode's article, where this interpretation on seventh episodes can be added if you like. In the case of the category:Buffy birthday episodes, there's already a separate article, Buffy Summers' birthday, which already has the function of describing and listing any content on her birthday, which are too few to categorize while being also redundant to the article itself. Nonetheless, thank you for your contribution.

Ellesy (talk) 14:04, December 22, 2019 (UTC)

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