Hello new world, No, I'm not a rebirth of Connor, but well, I needed some sort of entrance.

I'm a blogger, writer, comic freak, buffy aficionado going back to Season 1 on the WB though I did like the movie previously. (I mean, really, I *still* chuckle at that death scene).

I have lots to talk about here but am not sure where to start... why certain aspects of the movie didn't make it into the show or comics and would have made things easier; my love of certain writers; my Most important Buffy Episodes list if you haven't seen in; what Angel episodes to NOT watch a second time, which artists do phenom work on the series, both Dark Horse and IDW.

I'm also interested in how prolific the BtVS FanFiction culture still in and have been finding some interesting things over there.

Hopefully, I can make contributions here on those tiny plot details and chronology as that is my passion when it comes to keeping BtVS alive for me. This should be a lot more fun that some wiki work I've been doing so I'm happy to be here.

I look forward to meeting more of you! tzi

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