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    On the Wiki's Background

    November 28, 2014 by FTWinchester

    I have suggested and asked members to come up with a new background for the wiki, since our current one is somewhat generic and not very indicative/suggestive of any of the iconic characters of either shows. Please post ideas for the wiki's new background.

    Ideas that have been presented so far:

    • a background that features the main/core characters of both shows
    • a familiar location (i.e., Sunnydale graveyard, Sunnydale High, the Hellmouth, the Hellmouth crater)
    • titular characters on either side
    • use of Buffy the Vampire Slayer opening sequence


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  • FTWinchester

    Does anybody else find it weird that these items hurt vampires and some other species of demons? The show(s) never really expounded on the concept of the Christian God, as most of them say that there was no word on whether he actually exists/existed, and yet these items consecrated under the Christian God's name actually deters or hurts vampires.

    On the other hand, spells invoking several deities from other religion (i.e., Kali, Minerva, Hecate, Osiris) seem to imply they exist, since these deities are being held to be the source of the power of the spells. Isn't this similar to blessing an object by invoking the name and power of a deity (specifically the Christian God)? Otherwise, who was/were giving power to these items?

    Additionally, Wil…

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