Hi! I'm from Germany, and as a fan of the Buffyverse and its official continuation in comic book form of both series, I was bound to find my way here sooner or later.

The focus of my work here will be in the comics section, especially in the aforementioned canon (and ambigously canon) continuation of both the series. As my strengths more lie in logic, numbers and organisation rather than original writing, I concentrate on consistency, getting facts straight and reducing errors or or mistakes whenever I stumble on them.

My current projects

As I'm not a student anymore, my available time is limited, so my projects here will take a while before they're finished, but I guess that's quite common on wikis.

Tidy up the comics section

(yeah, always best to start with small projects...)

  • IDW Angel meta-series
  • Season Eight
  • Season Nine (though there's not much to do, as its under good hands already, and serves as role model for the other two above)

Create real world chronology

  • Create framework
  • Create individual years, filled each with
    • TV episodes first airings
    • novel release dates
    • comic release dates
    • whatever else makes sense
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