My Love For Buffy-

I have been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on netflix for about 2 years now.... talk about an obsession. This show teaches young girls so much about life and huge desicions. It is my guilty pleasure, anytime im upset this is my cure. I have watched Buffy and Angel 3 times completely.

My Favorite Character-

1., Buffy Summers- Buffy is my idol, she is a strong independent woman with the biggest heart. She always thinks of others before her self and cares so much about her friends and family. She has died twice but still comes back. She has had a broken heart but can still live. Buffy has been a huge impact in my life and will always be in my heart.

2., Spike- Do i even need to explain...He's a evil Big Bad gone good. He's sweet charming and fought to be with the woman that he loved. He even kept fighting after being rejected multiple times. He cried beside Buffy's body and protected Dawn after her death. When he cares about something he really cares. Unlike Angel who was forced with a soul, Spike went a fought for one to truley prove to Buffy that he really does love her. He even sacrificed himself for her and to save the world, he was a remarkable man that always knows what to say.

My favorite pages

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