• I live in Arizona
  • My occupation is Author/Activist
  • I am Female

I used to watch Buffy and Angel in High School, starting in Junior High. My first episode to watch was Hush, I think, and it turned me on to the show forever!

My favorite episode is, likely, Once More With Feeling.

Recently, I've gotten back into Angel. I won't ever say I'm a die hard fan, but reading the episode summaries here, the character bios, reminds me how much I loved this show.

Any edits I do will, primarily, be gramatical, and small issues such as when a male character is called a female, or vise versa, as I am a fan, but not a super fan.

I am a published author and a comic creator with, currently, two comics being worked on. I go to several conventions each year and sell custom buttons, my comics, and other merchandise. It's a great experience. I am also a receptionist for

One of the shinning momments of my life in relation to Buffy and Angel was seeing James Masters' panel at Phoenix ComiCon 2010.

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