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MY LOVE OF THE BUFFYVERSE[edit | edit source]

I only recently started watching this series on Netflix, but I've seen all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and am currently working on getting all the CANON comic books(The most I have right now is all Buffy Season 8 issues and some early Angel ones.) While I only just started watching this series, I have to admit that both Buffy and Angel are one of my top favorite TV series/comic book series. Though for some reason, I like Buffy more than Angel(tv series) and don't ask me why because I don't know. I just love this series to death! I liked it right away when I started watching it with my brother. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, what I like must about it is that the main character is a female, and not a weak female either. Too many times to count, they're are always the guys who are strongest and they girls always get tossed aside as weaker. Talk about sexist! Besides that the main character is a girl, its pretty refreshing to see a woman kick some guy's ass. The whole supernatural thing is pretty interesting and I've always been into that stuff. Don't get me wrong though, I love Angel almost as much, since it showed what happened to Cordelia and Angel after they left Sunnydale and how Angel's been doing. He has his own story as well and its fairly intriguing to see how its going. The characters Joss introduced into it are well-written and most were easy for me to be fond of, same with Buffy. I think my only problem with these shows is that there should be more crossovers between them. I wanted Buffy to met Angel's old crew, but I guess that isn't possible now, since they all split up. The comic books are pretty cool, but I'm still confused on some stuff in Season 8. Like I said though, I'm glad crossovers are happening(Yay Willow :)). Anyways, that is what I think about the Buffyverse.

CHARACTERS:[edit | edit source]

I've decided to put my personal opinion on characters in the Buffyverse. I don't hate many characters in the series. Most I love or at least like, and there are very few characters I just can't stand. Anways, most of them aren't in order in who I like more(Really the ones that just pop in my head first.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

1. Buffy Summers: I love Buffy's character, and if I'm completely honest with myself, she's my absolute favorite character in both Angel and Buffy combined. She's just so cool. She has super Slayer strength and is always ending the Apocolapse(s), beating up countless "Big Bads". She's one of the most responsible and self-sacrificing hero in the series(besides Angel). Killing Willow(noted 'Dark Future Willow' but still Willow nonetheless), selflessly sacrificing her life for Dawn's, dying in the process, and stabbing Angel and sending him to a hell dimension(Now, how on earth did she pull that off?). It all caused her guilt, sadness, and regret over her actions to some degree but still managed to do for the mankind. I also like Buffy's sense of humor or wit, sarcasticness, and her short temper, along with a tendency to punch people. Some may call her whiny, but I've always found her more relatable and realistic because of that(She had a right to whine! Her life sucks!).Though Buffy was pretty depressing in Season 6 and she did do things I do not approve of, examples being: Sleeping with Parker when not even dating him within a week of hanging out(still kinda slutty behavior in my opinion), Self-pity in herself after getting ressurrected(Her friends did what they thought was right in bringing her back to life), using Spike for sex just to feel(Whether soulless or not at that time, he had something akin to love for her and the usage is wrong), those hurtful words said to Angel at the end of Sanctuary(Intentionally rubbing Riley and her relationship in his face, or as Angel puts it her "great new life", and hurting his feelings when he still loved her) and more recently, having sex with Satsu(Not for the reasons some of you might think.) Other than those exceptions, she doesn't usually annoy me, and I still see her as a "real character". As for her in relationships, I find her better with Angel, Spike or single.

2. Willow Rosenberg: Another favorite character of mine. To me, Willow was always that really nervous yet kind-hearted nerd who always got picked on by others. I can relate to her past sitiuation, because I go through that myself. But now that "Present" Willow is strong, independant, and her good magick kicked ass(Too bad they're gone now. : ( .) She was also similar to Buffy in the manner that they talk in strange ways(I love that about both characters), making it hard to understand what they're saying on several occassions. What I love about Willow is that she is just so cute, like puppies cute ^_^. She's so smart when it comes to school and computers, but was always very brave when needed to be. Though, when Willow turned gay, I really didn't know what to think of it and it freaked me out for a while. But when I saw her relationship with Tara, I grew to love it and her being gay is something I'm more or less used to now(though I still believe she's a closet bisexual, but only dates girls). In relationship-wise, I liked her with Oz and Tara. However, her "Dark" phase was really scary and I missed the old Willow a lot, but I understood her grief over Tara's death and felt sorry for her(I was pretty mad when Tara died too.). To Xander: Thank you for bringing our Wilow back! I'd kiss you if you were real! Anyways, she is also a great friend and Buffy and Xander are lucky to have her.

3. Xander Harris: Xander has been and probably always will be one of my favorite characters. He is just so funny and hilarious! Let me tell ya, there is not one episode or comic book that he's in that he doesn't make me laugh at loud or at least smile over it. That "Xander trait" is what I love most about him as well as joking in the face of death even when he's scared. Most of his comments are unneccessary, especially in serious situations, and just it turns them into awkwardness. I also love his tendency to blurt out of reveal something stupid that he isn't supposed to(biggest, most notetable examples that I can think of in Pangs, The Yoko Factor, This Year's Girl, and Living Doll. Can't trust him with a secret all the time that's for sure.) But he's also a great friend/over-protective brother figure, and has definitely upped in coolness in Season 8 (Not that he wasn't cool before. I've always thought he was ... in a lovable, nerdy kinda way :D). Xander's brave in the face of an enemy and copes fairly well for himself despite being non-magical. And the way he treats people he hates is hilarious (perfect example: Spike). I love all that about him. As for relationships, Anya's my pick.

4. Rupert Giles(or "Giles"):' I do like Giles, but, out of the four original characters, he isn't a favorite. He had an occassional sense of humor, very intelligent, but still had that stuffy, old British watcher/librarian vibe about him still. Giles was also a very good father figure to Buffy when her own father wasn't around. I loved Giles with Jenny Calender so I was heartbroken and pitied a lot him when she died. In Season 8, I was so sad when he got killed(especially because of who did it. He didn't deserve to die by Angel of all people!). It won't be the same now. A part of me wants Angel to succede and bring him back, but the other doesn't think he'll be able to find a way to.

5. Dawn Summers: Unlike others, I never really hated Dawn. Sure she could be a little annoying but it was understandable to feel overshadowed by her sister(Buffy is The Slayer, after all.) But she finally got over that phase, and grew more as a character. She never really annoys me anymore. Do I like Dawn? Yeah she's alright and I do like her. Her character reminds me of Buffy's personality so that's probably why. Though I didn't like that she cheated on her boyfriend(What was his name? Kenny.) But she regrets her actions and made a mistake. Dawn learned from it, so I forgive her. I also hope she never dies, for Buffy's sake.

6. Spike: I love Spike so much. I always have, even when he was evil. He's really my 3rd favorite character in the Buffyverse. The main reason I love him is he, like Xander, he always makes me laugh. Though, unlike Xander, he makes me laugh harder and more often. He's just so lovable. Sure he can be rude, loudmouthed, snarky and mean but it's just part of the "Spike package"(as Spike put it in Last Gleaming.) And he honestly just wouldn't be Spike without it. I also find his attachment to smokes funny(Like in After the Fall, he found out Angel was human, he started freaking out and kept asking for cigarettes ^_^ I cracked up hard over that. It was hilarious!). I like his love for Buffy and I believe that turned him into a better vampire. I am a fan of Spuffy, but I still prefer Bangel. Thanks to Buffy, he is now a good guy at heart. I also like how he always bugged Angel or Xander and he'd argue with them.(Though I have a feeling that if Spike saw Angel right now, he would want to stake him but wouldn't because of Buffy.) Anyways, it was nice to see Spike back in Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. And now he has a spin-off. Spike's always deserved one and I'm excited to see how it plays out. :)

7. Andrew Wells: I don't have a huge opinion on Andrew. I don't hate him but I don't paticularly like him either. He's humorous a lot of the time with his nerdy, somewhat stupid personality but I find him annoying sometimes though. He has way too many knowledge of pop culture references(even more so than Xander or Buffy.)! For me, it ranges from being amusing to annoying(One perfectly annoying instance: Predators and Prey.) Sometimes funny, sometimes stupid. It depends on my mood or the situation. However, he was hilarious in the Angel episode Damaged. He tried to act all cool but in reality he was still the same Andrew we all know and love. I also thought it was funny how he lied about Buffy and The Immortal just to mess with Angel and Spike. It worked fairly well and I loved to see there jealousy and anger flair up, especially Angel's (Too bad Buffy never found that out. I'm sure she would be exsaperated with the both of them but also amused with Andrew's prank.) So I will admit that Andrew has grown on me over the seasons.

8. Faith Lehane: Definitely one of my top 5 favorite characters. I almost always loved Faith, except when she turned evil but even then I sympathized with her. She's "wicked cool", strong, laidback, and has a funny sense of humor. I also like they way she talks and how she calls some people with only there first letter, cause apparently they're just to stupid to say the full name( I never knew that until I got the book so every time since then I smile when Faith calls Buffy 'B' ^_^) Examples of this are: V(Vanity), K(Kenny), B(Buffy), and G(Giles). Even when Faith went "Rogue Slayer", I didn't like what she did to Buffy and Angel but I wanted her good again and sorta understood because of her tough past. It was sad when Buffy stabbed her and she went into a coma but I was pissed at her at that point(Angel is a favorite character of mine.) Maybe I hated her then, but a part of Faith "just wanted Buffy to love her" and when she reappeared again, I remembered she was in pain and really didn't want to be this way. Thanks to Angel, she became someone better and is now a good person. After reading Go Ask Malice recently(Still don't know if this is considered canon but its up on Faith's page so I count it.), I loved Faith even more and pity her hard life. It shows why she ended up the way she did and I don't think I could ever hate her again after that. I'm glad she's now helping Angel go through his " I-hate myself-and-don't deserve-anything" phase(Again. How many times does he go through that?) She understands better than anyone what he's going through(Even more than Buffy, for as much as she loves him, she couldn't deal with that then so soon after Giles died.) After reading Live Through This, I've developed an amazing level of love for Faith's character. I already loved her a lot to begin with XD but what's she doing is so touching! :P

9. Anya Jenkins: Another favorite character. When I first saw her in The Wish, I didn't care about her but over the course of Season 3, I grew to love her quickly. She's really, REALLY blunt and always speaks her mind, not even knowing the meaning of the word privacy (Oh Xander. How did you deal with her?) She sorta reminds me of Cordy which is probably why I love her. Anya makes me laugh all the time, especially when she openly talked about sex with Xander in front of his friends.( Giles's 'orgasam' friend XD. I'll never forget that one. Or " Yes. We enjoy spanking." talking about Xander and her. And soo many more.) She was just so funny and I like characters that make me laugh(Spike. Xander. Faith. Buffy. Willow.) . I loved her with Xander and was glad they were engaged(until Xander ruined it of course.). I was sad when she died and felt bad for Xander.(But on the bright side, she died fighting.) I miss her in the Season 8 and 9, and wish she'd come back but she won't : (

10. Kennedy: I have never liked Kennedy and I still don't, even in Season 8. She's just soo different from Tara, and I really hate her brattiness and how quick she is to jump into fights without thinking. I didn't like her relationship with Willow for it didn't make sense to me and I felt that she was moving on too quickly( on top of that I was still missing Tara.). I was glad that Kennedy got dumped in Season 8 and her thing with Willow is over(Smart Willow ^ .^). Goodbye Kennedy! I still don't really like her at all but I found I can tolerate her a lot better in Season 9. It surprised me but she seems more mature now. I feel like I can almost like her. Almost.

11. Tara Maclay: Tara was amazing and definitely one of my favorite characters. Her shyness was endearing to me, and she was a very good person. I admit, some shy characters annoy me, but not Tara. NEVER TARA. She was just too sweet for me to find annoying. Tara was a strong witch and gave Willow company and someone to love again after Oz. Over the course of Season 4 through Season 6, Tara became more outspoken though was still slightly shy and became close to the Scoobies. Willow changed her but Tara changed her as well. I love Tara to death and when she was shot and died instantly("DAMN YOU, WARREN!") I was literally almost crying, not only at her tragic death but also at Willow's reaction. Then I was pissed at Joss for making Tara die. I miss her very much and think she should come back.

12. Riley Finn:

Pairing Thoughts: Good and Bad[edit | edit source]

1. Spike/Drusilla:

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