aka Drew

  • I live in West Yorkshire, England.
  • My occupation is Animal Rights Activist/Writer
  • I am Male

"No honey I am the Magicks"

"Oh Buffy, you really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked!"

"I thought you was going to show me what a Slayer was!"

"Jonathan, Andrew! You boys like magick dont ya!? Well Abra-cadabra!"

"Bored now!"

"You called me a rank arrogant amateur, well buckle up Rupert because I've turned pro!"

Buffy and MeEdit

Buffy as a TV Show was my very first obsession, I was 9 when I randomly flicked through the channels and found Welcome to the Hellmouth and saw Darla in vamp face and I was hooked ever since, It was a ritual for me every Thursday at 7pm on BBC2 to sit down and be enthralled and I did that every week for 7 years, Buffy was and still is a BIG passion of mine, I would consider myself a superfan, I have lost count the amount of times I have watched every episode but put it this way I had to buy the complete DVD sets because I had literally overused my VHS collection to the point of death. I literally cried tears when the show got cancelled but at least the story continued in the comics, even though Season 8 was weird.

My Favourite Season is 5 and 6 - I am undecided.

My Favourite Big Bad is Glory.

My Favourite Vampire is Drusilla.

I love Dark Willow and Illyria

My Favourite Episodes are Nightmares, Hush and Once More With Feeling.

Smile Time is an abomination.

My Favourite Minor Characters are Marcie Ross and Sandy (Because she was sired by VampWillow)

Favourite Sayings "Bored Now!" "Oh Bugger off you brolly!" "In my world there are people in chains and we can ride them like ponies!"

Best Comic Relief - Xander, Anya, Lorne, Harmony, Clem, Andrew

Scariest Characters - The Master, Kakistos, The Gentlemen, The Ugly Man from Nightmares

Favourite couple - Willow and Tara - I HATE Kennedy with a fiery passion.

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