Hi. I am a 28y/o from the Midwest. I am in Graduate School. I was the same year in school that Buffy was. When I went to college she went to college. I even think I had sex with more demons than Xander did. (haha).

My claim to fame: My letter was the first one printed in After These Messages ... We'll Be Right Back! (BTVS #20).

My primary wiki interest is Wookieepedia( I have a slightly more extensive userpage there. I also work on DC Database and the actual Wikipedia, where I usually work on similar articles (and occasionally medical articles).

Articles I will be working on: Currently I am reading both Buffy and Angel comics and playing both Buffy games for the Xbox.

Primary interests on this page:

  • I would like to see all of these pages are as good as their counterparts on wikipedia.
  • I would like to see this wiki be as comprehensive as Wookieepedia
  • I think this needs more formatting rules and more infoboxes similar to Wookieepedia.
  • I'd like to see more Editing Tips buttons similar to
  • I'd Like Joss to read more non-canon stuff (especially some comics--not so much the novels) and, anoint things that don't conflict with his vision, "canon."

I am not great at:

  • Adding pictures
  • Internal references
  • Adding categories
  • Spelling
  • Adding those disclaimer, info, and category boxes (I usually just cut and past from other pages.

---Help or education on these matters would be appreciated.

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