aka Buffy Fan

  • I live in Sunnydale
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Being a full time Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan
  • I am Female

Where do I start? Well I have had a Passion (episode reference -_- ) for Buffy the Vampire Slayer for about 6 and a half years now! My older sister Natalie liked the show (not as much as I do) and she was the one that introduced it to me which is probably the best thing she's ever done! At first I was unsure about watching the show as I thought it was gonna be terrible, it was brilliant! My sister was determined to get me into this show so we watched 2 episodes together however one was from Season 6 and the other from Season 7. We watched "Him" and "Tabula Rasa" because Natalie thought that they were the funniest episodes in the show. After I watched those two episodes I fell in love! I begged Natalie to watch all of them with me and she willingly agreed. My sister, being such a devoted fan, already had all of the box sets so we watched Welcome to the Hellmouth and continued right up to the final episode, Chosen. I have watched each episode 57 times (yes I keep track) and they are always amazing!

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