About MeEdit

I'm a big fan of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and basically all things Joss. I've done a few edits over at Wikipedia, and I found this site from there. My first edit here was to add a lot of content from Wikipedia to the Willow Rosenberg article, since she is my favorite character and there was woefully little information about her. I hope that I can make some useful contributions here!

To doEdit

A lot of the episode pages and a few of the character pages could use a lot more information. Since there is a lot of content already on Wikipedia, I'm going to transwiki a lot of it, which can be used as a starting point for future edits. I did that with Willow Rosenberg and Restless, if you want an idea of how that might look.

I am also currently trying to remove all of the links to the deleted Template:Article. There are quite a few of them so this might take some time. There are a lot of redlinks to across the wiki in general, so I'm going to try to remove them whenever I see them (unless they point to a Buffyverse topic).

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