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The urn of Osiris was an item named after Osiris used in resurrection spells.[1]


The Scooby Gang collected the item for the spell to bring Buffy Summers back from the dead. Anya Jenkins found the last known urn of Osiris in an eBay auction and acquired it from a desert gnome in Cairo.[1]

During the resurrection spell, Willow poured Vino de Madre into the urn of Osiris. She reached in the urn and marked her forehead and cheeks with the blood, then spread the rest of the Vino de Madre on Buffy's grave.[1]

The demon biker gang of the Hellions arrived at the cemetery during the spell and ran over the urn of Osiris, breaking it.[1] With the urn defiled, it became useless.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Urn of Osiris DST

Canceled replica.





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