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University of California, Sunnydale abbreviated UC Sunnydale or UC☼D (with a sun symbol) was the local university in Sunnydale, part of the University of California system.[1] It also served as a front for the activities of members of the Initiative, its facilities located beneath the campus.[2]

The campus was presumably destroyed in 2003 along with the rest of Sunnydale following the battle at the Hellmouth.[3]

Campus residences[]

Residence halls[]


Buffy401 1092

The Psi Theta house in 1999.

  • Psi Theta — Sunday and her gang nested on Psi Theta since the eighties after it lost its charter in 1982, causing it to be closed for renovation. However zoning issues dragged on before the Sunnydale city council and renovation never took place. Sunday's gang resided there until 1999 when Buffy and her friends killed Sunday and several of her gang while some fled. During its tenure under Sunday's inhabitancy, it was filled with the property of several students that Sunday killed or sired, stealing it from their dorm rooms and placing a fake note claiming they left the college due to stress.[1]
Buf404 183

Alpha Delta Frat House.

  • Alpha Delta — A party was held on Halloween in Alpha Delta house by its members (dubbed the "Alpha Delts") who summoned the fear demon Gachnar whose influence caused the reality within the building to be altered, reflecting any resident's fears. This eventually stopped when Buffy accidentally brought Gachnar forth and then killed him. Some of the "Alpha Delts" included Edward, Chaz and Josh.[11]
Uc sunnydale lowell house primeval

Exterior of the Lowell House.

  • Lowell House — It was originally known as Lowell Home for Children, a home for adolescent orphans ran by Genevieve Holt between 1949 and 1960. During that time the children were subjected to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Genevieve who used her strongly conservative religious beliefs as a means of repressing any sexual freedom. By 1999, it was turned into a fraternity house and the Initiative's research laboratory was built below the building where many of its agents resided as students. The secret lab could be reached through a hidden elevator which was accessed behind a mirror through a retina scan of any Initiatve members wanting to enter. In 2000, the orphans' raw emotions manifested as poltergeists during a party where they began giving any party-goers the same treatment subjected to the orphans. This was prevented by Alexander Harris and Anya Jenkins. Some of the fratboys at the Lowell House included Riley Finn, Forrest Gates and Graham Miller.[12]
  • Unidentified fraternity — In 2002, all members of an unidentified fraternity were killed by a Grimslaw demon. It was conjured by Anyanka because of Rachel's wish. However, Anya reversed their deaths, unintentionally causing both the death of her friend Halfrek by her patron D'Hoffryn and her own return to humanity.[13]



  • Lecture Hall — This was the room where the professor Maggie Walsh, assisted by Riley, taught introduction to psychology, which was attended by Willow, Oz, Buffy, Kathy, and Parker in 1999. This room was also used by the Scooby Gang to describe their strategy against the Gentlemen who stole all town people's voices.[15] In 2000, when Tara was pursued by Oz in werewolf form, he was captured by the Initiative here.[16] It is also in this room that Spike, helped by Harmony Kendall, tried to get Doc Overheiser to remove his chip.[17] In 2003, the Daughters of Gaea, guided by Vaughne, had magic training here. When Willow was magically transformed into Warren Mears she came to them for help. However, the Potential Slayer Kennedy found that Amy Madison was the cause.[18]
  • Lab room — This lab room was used by Willow to prepare a spell against Oz and Veruca. Veruca was killed here by Oz when she attempted to kill Willow.[23] Willow also used the room to create a potion to cure Buffy's madness after she was attacked by a Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon.[24]

Buffy at the Rocket Cafe.

  • Rocket Cafe — The student dining facility. Xander once ate there despite not being a student.[4]



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