The United States Armed Forces, coloquially known as United States Military or simply The Military by North American individuals, are the unified military force of the United States.

Unbeknowst to the general public, select circles within the United States military, in conjunction with certain sectors of the US Intelligence, are aware of the existance of the supernatural, particularly demons and vampires.

The Initiative was a Sunnydale-based military organization specializing in the capture and study of hostle subterrestrials. Its ultimate goal was harnessing the power of demons to serve the military interests of the United States.

After the deactivation of the Initiative, a sector of the US Military, under the command of Major Ellis, acted as a demon hunting unit in regions such as Central America.

Following the destruction of Sunnydale, various members of the Military, such as General Voll, Lieutentant Moulter and Riley Finn became affiliated with the Twilight Group, dedicated to the bringing about the end of magic. In order to further the plans of the Group, General Voll took command of a covert military operation in the remains of Sunnydale.

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