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Excuse me… I have been sent to you. Please do not be angry at my intrusion.
―Unidentified villager[src]

An unidentified villager encountered the first Slayer Sineya.


This young prehistorical African girl was sent to Sineya to offer her a basket of food and supplies in name of her village. The elders were grateful for the Slayer having saved the village from demons, but now asked her to leave. She told Sineya they knew she was part demon and that the Shadowmen made her so to be able to fight vampires, but that was why she was feared and made unique.

She also wanted Sineya to know about the Slayer line, that when she died another would be chosen, and would be so forever, with Sineya in each of them, and never really die. The Slayer accepted the basket, and left the girl, then struggling to understand her own feelings with the revelation.[1]



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