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This unidentified vampire attacked Amanda at Sunnydale High School after school hours. He cut her face with his fang before she managed to lock him in a classroom. Amanda then returned to the classroom that night along with Dawn Summers, who believed herself to be a Potential Slayer, to deal with him, but didn't see him hanging from the ceilling were he jumped off an attacked. Chasing the girls through the school halls until cornering them in the science lab, Dawn tried to fight off the vampire, even breaking a flag pole to stake him. The Bringers then interupted and tried to kill Amanda, revealing that she was in fact the Potential. Using a Bunsen burner, Dawn waved off the Bringers and the vampire long enough for her and Amanda to run away. Dawn then encouraged Amanda to embrace her destiny, which she did by taking out the bringers and staking the vampire.


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