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No mouth means no teeth – unless they have them somewhere else...

These telepathic demons (also referred to as scabby demons) belonged to a species of mouthless demons with the power of telepathy.

Physiology and powers[]

The demons are telepathic. I should have known. That's why they don't need mouths.
Rupert Giles[src]
640px-Telepath Demon

The demons appeared as large scabrous humanoids with pointed growths on either side of their head. They had red eyes and short vestigial tails. Like many demons, their physical capabilities were far beyond those of a human and held their own in combat, briefly, with Angel and the Slayer. Since they lacked mouths and ears, the species communicated through telepathy. Their silver blood had the ability of infecting an individual who came in contact with it with "an aspect of the demon", namely their telepathy. Infection could only be relieved by consuming a potion made with the demon's heart.

Telepath Demon blood

Telepath demon blood


Buffy fought two of these demons, managing to kill one, but the other got away. In the process, however, one of the demons' blood mixed with Buffy's through a cut on her hand. Initially causing little more than a minor skin irritation, Buffy gained telepathic powers. Initially enjoying this ability, Buffy became unable to control it and became bombarded with the thoughts of every human in Sunnydale, which would have eventually driven her insane.

Upon discovering the cure, Angel tracked down the second demon and killed it, making its heart into a potion and feeding it to Buffy, stopping the ability altogether.

Behind the Scenes[]