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I hope you're warmed up. It's an ugly crowd out there tonight. All the reviewers showed up.
―Unidentified stage manager[src]

A stage manager was a magical construct manifesting Willow Rosenberg's fears.


In 1997, as residents of Sunnydale had their nightmares come to life, this stage manager abruptly took Willow backstage to prepare her to a production of Madame Butterfly. As she was paralyzed with her, the stage manager pushed her through the curtains, where she was to sing to the audience beside Aldo Gianfranco.[1]

Willow's stage fear had also manifested in a real school talent show, in which she ran away before saying her lines in Oedipus Rex.[2] In another nightmare, she was to participate of Death of a Salesman for a drama class without any previous study.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Sean Moran.
  • Not identified in the series, he was simply credited as "Stage Manager".



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