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Glow balls, huh? (laughs) I swear, I don't get your generation.
―Unidentified nightwatchman[src]

This unidentified nightwatchman was one of the first known victims of Glorificus in Sunnydale.


In 2000, after Buffy Summers staked a vampire outside an abandoned building, she got caught by the nightwatchman during his patrol. He thought she was a teen looking for a rave, as he had chased off a group of kids there in the previous night. To cover her identity as the Slayer, she went with the story, and he told her he would let them do whatever they wanted in the building since it was abandoned, but he wouldn't argue with his boss.

As Buffy turned to leave, he told her not to forget her “glow ball”, an orb which Buffy did’t recognize, but thanked him and took it to investigate. She would eventually discover it was the Dagon Sphere, a magical artifact able to repeal Glory.

In the next day, while picking up a prescription for her mother at the Sunnydale Memorial, Buffy encountered the nightwatchman again, but this time he was being strapped down to a gurney. He was less than stable, but he managed to warn Buffy that she would be soon attacked through her family. This message was about Glory, who had just set at the abandoned building, and made him one of her first brain-sucking victims in while searching for the Key.[1]

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