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This unidentified nightwatchman was one of the first victims of Glorificus and Queller demons in Sunnydale.


He was taken prisoner by Glory in the very abandoned factory he was employed to guard. Glorificus kept him handcuffed to a pipe as she tortured the last member of the Order of Dagon, before brain-sucking the man, despite his pleas to release him as he had a wife and two daughters.[1]

The man, now insane, was taken to Sunnydale Memorial where he encountered Dawn Summers, the Key, who he identified as different due to his insanity, before being taken away by his family.[1]

While wandering alone in where the Queller demon landed on Sunnydale, the man was killed when it released its slime into his mouth, choking him.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Paul Hayes.
  • He was identified as “Older Nightwatchman” in the scripts for both his appearances.



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