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Help me perform the ritual. Concentrate, concentrate.
―Unidentified monk (translated from Czech)[src]

An unidentified monk member of the Order of Dagon was one of the three performers of the Key Embodiment Ritual in 2000.


In 2000, the monastery in Czech Republic was found by the Beast, and this senior monk awaited for two others in a room for them to bring the materials for the ritual. After claiming for their concentration, the three performed together the ritual to protect the Key, making it human, who was sent to the Slayer in the form of a sister. As the ritual was complete, Glorificus finally broke the door into the room.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • He was portrayed by the late John Sarkisian.
  • Unidentified in the series, he was credited as "Old Monk".
  • In the original teleplay for "No Place Like Home", the monk was described as "the old one", opposed to "the young one" and "the surviving one".[2]



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