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Can't even shout. / Can't even cry. / The Gentlemen are coming by. / Looking in windows, / knocking on doors… / They need to take seven / and they might take yours… / Can't call to mom. / Can't say a word. / You're gonna die screaming / but you won't be heard.
―Unidentified girl[src]

This unidentified girl appeared in Buffy Summers' prophetic dream about the coming of the Gentleman. She held their box and sang a nursery rhyme, standing at the end of an empty hall of the University of California, Sunnydale.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • She was portrayed by Elizabeth Truax.
  • With her name never mentioned, the character was merely identified as “Little Girl” in the episode script.


  • "Hush" (Only in visions)


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