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Buffy Summers, it is time for you to pay... YOUR STUDENT LOAN!
―Unidentified demon[src]

This unidentified demon worked as a debt collector to support himself after being stranded on Earth due to the destruction of the Seed of Wonder. He was sent to collect Buffy Summers' student loan by UC Sunnydale personnel. In despit of his aspect, he was more desesperate than really evil.

Physiology and powers Edit

I only need the picture. What I can't sssee... I can smell out.
―Unidentified demon[src]

This demon was a humanoid with reptilian features. He had gray, scaly skin, pointed ears and teeth, fully black eyes with white pupils, hair on the back of the neck and slits instead of a nose, giving his face a skull-like appearance.

This demon had scent tracking abilities. He was also covered in slime which evaporated quickly, causing him to be constantly surrounded by steam.

Appearances Edit

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