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They feed me their worst, and I serve it right back to them. And the fear and the prejudice turn to certainty and hate -- and I take another bite! What a beautiful, beautiful dance!
―Hyperion Hotel's Thesulac Demon[src]

This unidentified Thesulac Demon haunted Hyperion Hotel, feeding on the insecurities and fears of its guests and staff for nearly 70 years.

Biography Edit

The quality of the clientele may have dipped a notch or two in the last few decades... but the room service is still excellent. Has been for fifty years... I give it five stars. The paranoia here is like fine wine...
―Hyperion Hotel's Thesulac[src]

The Thesulac that haunted the Hyperion Hotel had claimed the area at least since 1928. Since the suicide of a roofer, Thesulac caused a number of deaths ranging from suicides to murders. In 1952, after causing the death a candle salesman, Thesulac turned its attention to Judy Kovacs a young fugitive thief, preying on her fear of getting caught. After taunting her, Thesulac turned everyone in the hotel against her by making guests and staff believe she had murdered the salesman. Overwhelmed, Judy blamed Angel for the murder, thus causing the mob to lynch the vampire.

Thesulac Demon: “You know, there's an entire hotel here just full of tortured souls who could really use your help. Whaddaya say?
Angel: “Take 'em all.
— The Thesulac and Angel[src]

Due to the massive feeding, Thesulac turned corporeal and confronted Angel about his choice to protect the people in the hotel. Deeply affected by Judy's betrayal, Angel abandoned the hotel to Thesulac's mindgames for the next fifty years. Despite the fact that the hotel was closed in 1979, Thesulac didn't need to leave the area. Judy had been traumatized by the ordeal that led to Angel's hanging, thus giving Thesulac an endless source of nourishment.

In 2000, however, Thesulac was finally confronted and killed by Angel and his crew. They made it corporeal with a spell and battled it to little effect until Angel wrapped one of its tentacles around the exposed wires of a fuse box, electrocuting it to death. Afterwards, Angel granted Judy his forgivness and she finally died in peace. With Thesulac dead, the Angel Investigations team took over the hotel as their new headquaters.

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  • The Thesulac was portrayed by Tony Amendola. Despite his role he was uncredited for it.

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