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Go for the flanks— You can't get near the throat!
―Unidentified Slayer (translated from Japanese)[src]

An unidentified Slayer was member of the Slayer Organization in Tokyo.


In 2006, during the destructive aftermath of Twilight's creation, she and her team fought the invading placenturians in Tokyo. With squad leader Satsu's absence, the Slayer commanded the other Slayers to attack at the flanks of a certain demon, as its throat was inaccessible. Suddenly, the Twilight-empowered Angel beheaded the placenturian, offering them a hand, as he'd been helping Slayers around the world against the invading creatures.[1]



Preceded by:
Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane

concurrently with Buffy, Faith and thousands of others.

Succeeded by:
Slayer succession line abolished.