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An unidentified Slayer was active in the 23rd century. Along with three other colleagues, she welcomed Melaka, Erin, and Gates to the new future after the Reckoning.


The event of the Reckoning in the 21st century caused a change in the timeline, in which Melaka's future was replaced with the continuity of the Slayer line. Moreover, after witnessing the dystopic version of Haddyn, Willow's empowerment center, largely composed by Slayers, began steering their work towards preventing it.

As such, when the Slayer Melaka, her sister Erin, and the demon Gates returned to the 23rd century, they faced a completely different future, and were welcomed by a group of four Slayers, who called her “sister Fray”. This unidentified Slayer explained her that the Watchers Diaries described how she and her allies saved the world, which helped the Slayers forge a much better future than the one she came from. Extending her hand to Melaka, she said no one knew her in this world, but they wanted to, and she would always have a home and a family there.[1]



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