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An unidentified Slayer was present during the fall of Los Angeles. Along with two other Slayers, she was used for training by Charles Gunn and his gang of vampires.


This Slayer was one of the thousands activated by Willow Rosenberg’s Slayer Activation spell of 2003.[1] During the fall of Los Angeles, she was captured and used for training by Gunn’s vampire gang, along with a second and a third Slayer.[2]

While Non visited him, she turned the three Slayers into zombies; although, due to the magic of Gunn’s headquarters, they were constantly resurrected to be fought and killed again.[3] When Betta George psychically froze this Slayer to stop her from attacking him, but Gunn plunged a knife into the girl’s chest, and she was unable to scream as she died.[4]

Spike eventually found the three Slayers, who immediately attacked him.[5] He was able to free them, who followed him to assist Team Angel in the final battle before the time travel that undid the Fall.[6][7]



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