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The twin mind readers were two females who had the ability to read minds.

The pair were employed by Wolfram & Hart to perform random mind readings. They determined that Lindsey McDonald was the individual who betrayed the firm in order to save the Holy Triumvirate from the assassin Vanessa Brewer. During the same sweep, they also discovered that Lee Mercer had been in secret talks with Wolfram & Hart's rival law firm, Klein & Gabler. Holland Manners ordered a security guard to kill Lee for betrayal. Lindsey, however, was spared even when Lindsey continued to assist Angel and rescued the Holy Triumvirate, getting Vanessa killed by Angel in the process.[1]

They were also consulted about the failure of any Wolfram & Hart psychics to predict Darla's pregnancy.[2]

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • They were played by Keilana Smith and Dawn Suggs.

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