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Btvs.png Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

This unidentified MMA fighter was a brutal, sexist thug who lived in San Francisco during the Supernatural Crisis Act.

When Buffy Summers, having been stripped of her Slayer powers by the act, was jogging in a park, Buffy came across the MMA fighter harassing a Wiccan girl, threatening to sell the girl out to the authorities unless she was nicer to "normal people."

Buffy stepped in, and the fighter blew her off; knowing she had been stripped of her powers, he gloated that he fought MMA and was more than twice her size, so he could easily take her. However, Buffy retained her years of training and combat experience, and after some difficulty, managed to overpower him and beat him unconscious.

The next day, Riley and Sam Finn arrived at the Scooby Gang's apartments, explaining that the man had a criminal record and Buffy faced no charges, since she beat him in self-defense.