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Unidentified M'Fasnik demon: “You have cost me, Slayer!
Buffy: “I cost you? That's a designer lamp, you mook!
— The M'Fasknik demon and Buffy Summers.[src]

An Unidentified M'Fashnik demon was hired by the Trio to attack the denizens at the Sunnydale bank, causing a distraction which allowed them to steal a large amount of money. However, the Slayer Buffy Summers happened to be at the same bank applying for a loan and the two got fighting before a police officer threatened him with a gun. The demon then threw Buffy at the policeman before fleeing the bank.

At the Trio's liar, the demon angerly threatened his employers for getting him in the way of the Slayer. Not wanting their money, he only desired to kill Buffy so Warren Mears told him where she lived. The demon broke into Buffy's house and attacked her. Assisted by Spike, Buffy tried her best to fight this demon without having any of her house's scenery damaged before finally killing him by fiercely bludgeoning his head with a copper pipe he removed from her plumbing.  

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Tod Swashwick.