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When he slept, I could whisper in him. I tried to get him to end his life, even though it would end mine.
―The Ethros demon[src]

An unidentified Ethros Demon was the demon that took possession of Ryan Anderson and was believed to be the cause of a series of murders linked to the Anderson family.

After being exorcized from Ryan, the demon fled to a cave where it could become corporeal and recover. Angel confronted the demon in the cave and the demon revealed that Ryan's malevolent actions were not caused by the demon, but by Ryan himself. The demon claimed that Ryan's mind was the blackest hell he ever knew. The demon was only able to take control of Ryan while he slept. The demon was so desperate to escape Ryan's body that he tried to force Ryan to sleepwalk onto a busy road, killing them both in the process. After relating this story to Angel, the Ethros demon was killed by an axe to the head, welcoming death as opposed to living with memories of its time in Ryan.

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