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An unidentified member of the Watchers Council was part of the delegation that went to Sunnydale in 2001 to review the current Slayer, Buffy Summers.

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In 2001, Buffy and the then ex-Watcher Rupert Giles, both disconnected from the Council at the time, requested assistance on the new threat Glorificus. The Watchers Council sent a delegation of six members and director Quentin Travers, who arrived in Sunnydale to review the Slayer in exchange for information.

This Council member was present in the evaluation of Giles' Magic Box, when she guided customers to outside the shop after its content was considered unsafe for the public. She also served Travers tea during his conversation with Giles. She was then present as an observer in the interview of Buffy's allies Xander Harris and Anya Jenkins, in the couple's apartment. During Buffy's physical evaluation, she helped a hurt Phillip to stand up. Finally, she was present in the conclusion of the visitation, when Buffy and Giles were reconnected to the Council and informed on Glory's true nature as a god.[1]

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