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Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

An unidentified student at Sunnydale High School was a member of the Cordettes social clique.[1]


In 1998, the girl was along with the group when they humiliated Cordelia Chase for having recently broken up with Alexander Harris. Feigning friendship again, she told Cordelia to resume her dating life, then Harmony Kendall suggested Jonathan Levinson as her perfect partner. Later that day, she laughed with her friends as they left the Bronze and saw Cordelia fallen over trash bags.[1]

The humiliating situation made Cordelia accidentally create an alternative reality through a wish to a vengeance demon. There, the girl's alternate counterpart praised her "daring" colorful dressing, in spite of the somber code of the town dominated by vampires. She eventually was the first victim of the blood extracting machine created by the Master.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Nicole Bilderback.
  • Unidentified in the series, she was credited simply as "Cordette #1."