{{Character |Title = Unidentified 16th Century Japanese Slayer |Image = Buffy-04-02b.jpg |Appear = ''[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2019) 7]]'' |Status = Deceased |Classification = [[Human]]<br />[[Slayer]] |First = Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2019) Issue # 7|Died = 16th Century}}

An unidentified [[Slayer]] was active in Japan during the Sengoku Period (1467 – 1600 AD). She wielded a katana in her fight against [[vampire]]s.<ref>''[[Welcome Back to the Hellmouth, Part Four]]''</ref>

Behind the scenes

*She was one of the Slayers created for the “Chosen One” variant covers in the ''[[Welcome Back to the Hellmouth, Part Four]]'' comic series. *This Slayer was active during the 16th Century AD (1501-1600); The Sengoku Period of Japanese history is considered a time of social upheaval, political intrigue and near-constant military conflict; also known as the "Age of Warring States" *Slated to have an origin story written in the upcoming "[[The Chosen Ones]]" graphic novel *She is the fourth Japanese Slayer to be introduced in the [[Buffyverse]], following the [[unidentified Hong Kong Slayer]], [[Xin Rong]], and [[Xiaoqin]].


*''[[Welcome Back to the Hellmouth, Part Four]]''



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