Tyke was a drug dealer operating out of Los Angeles.

Biography Edit

Uh, aren't you all scary. Chamois and teeth! Wanna know what else is scary? Me.

Connor had a run in with Tyke after his return from Quor'toth. Connor saved Sunny from being raped by Tyke by beating up both Tyke and his thugs. Before leaving, Connor cut the ear off a semi-conscious Tyke.

Later that day Tyke and his goons tracked Connor to an abandoned hotel which Sunny and other homeless people often used to 'squat', or stay for a time before moving on. Angel also tracked Connor down to rescue him and was with Connor when Tyke burst in, ready for revenge. After a quick skirmish, Angel and Connor escaped, while the police arrive and a shootout ensued. Tyke's fate is unknown.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Anthony Starke.

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