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Every maladjust has a reason. Lucky for me you're an incompetent maladjust.
Buffy Summers[src]

Tucker Wells was a Sunnydale High student and the older brother of Andrew Wells. His aunt was his legal guardian.[2] Tucker attempted to ruin the Prom by setting hellhounds loose on the school because he couldn't get a date. He trained them to hate formal wear and party music by forcing them to watch Prom-related movies. He emailed his friend David Metz before the event to say that "the lemmings at Sunnydale High didn't know what were coming to them". 

In 2003, before the battle at the hellmouth, leading to the destruction of Sunnydale, Andrew credited his brother Tucker as an inspiration for his own demon summoning exploits.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Tucker was originally intended to be the leader of The Trio, with Warren and Jonathan as his cohorts. However, Brad Kane was unavailable so the character of Andrew was created and Warren was moved to the leader/main villain position.