Trolls were a supernatural race of green-skinned, horned humanoids with phenomenal brute strength. They were extensively hunted in Sjornjost, Sweden around 880 A.D. and feared among regular humans.


Trolls appeared to possess close to human intelligence, however, were known to use logic that was "insane and happenstance" or "insane troll logic". Trolls had a destructive nature and an apparent appetite for human infants and ale. They were also apparently prone to stealing beadwork and to kidnapping human women and raping them.

Powers and Abilities

Trolls possessed great strength beyond that of vampires and possibly on par or greater than Slayers. The evidence of this was the fact that Olaf carried a magical hammer that Spike - a vampire over a 100 years old - couldn't budge while Buffy - a Slayer - could easily lift and wield.

Notable trolls


  • A human may be transformed into a troll using a spell known as Thornton's Hope.
  • According to Anya Jenkins, trolls could shed conjuring powder.
  • Exactly how their race functions as a community or hierarchy is unknown, as Olaf, who was considered to be a god among trolls, was actually previously human.