The Tro-Clon was a "confluence of events" which would bring about the purification or ruination (or both) of mankind. Its arrival was announced in the Nyazian Scrolls.

It is initially assumed that the Tro-Clon is a single event or an individual, though it is soon revealed to be, in fact, a confluence of events that seemingly culminate in Season 4 of the show. While the true extent of the Tro-Clon is never truly explained, it is possible that the Tro-Clon refers to the rise of Jasmine, as explained by Skip. According to him, there was a series of events going back years that had all been guided by Jasmine, working as a Higher Power, towards the single purpose of bringing herself to Earth.


  • Fred and Lorne switching dimensions (Lorne's spell was necessary to "activate" Jasmine in an amnesiac Cordelia)
  • The return of Darla
  • Cordelia receiving the visions
  • Birth of Connor
  • Re-awakening of Daniel Holtz
  • Holtz bringing Connor to Quor'Toth and Connor's return to this dimension "of age" to mate
  • Cordelia's demonization and subsequent rise to a heavenly dimension
  • The reign of The Beast and the destruction of Wolfram & Hart
  • The temporary return of Angelus to aid in the destruction of The Beast.
  • Rise of Jasmine
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