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We're your arch nemesis-es. You may've beaten us this time, Slayer. But next time... Umm... next time...
Warren Mears[src]

The Trio[3][2][4][5][6][7] was a group formed by fellow "nerds"[8][9][2] Warren Mears, Jonathan Levinson, and Andrew Wells, who decided to team up as "supervillains" to defeat the Slayer and take over Sunnydale.[10]


Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew decided to team up as "supervillains" while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Though their plots largely centered around trying to take over Sunnydale, they soon turned their attentions to neutralizing Buffy Summers, who, being the Slayer, was the primary obstacle in the way of their ultimate goal.[10]

Former Sunnydale High School schoolmates of Buffy, Warren was an expert in technology and robotics, while Jonathan was an apt sorcerer, and Andrew was dedicated to demon summoning, in the tradition of his older brother Tucker.[10] All three of them had been responsible for manufacturing a number of innovations that made use of combining both science and mysticism, and, as a result, they had been able to avoid detection for a while from the Scooby Gang, who simply assumed the Trio's conducts were the doings of unknown demons.[11]

To keep tabs on the Slayer, the Trio planted hidden surveillance cameras in multiple areas, including the front yard of Buffy's house, the Doublemeat Palace she worked at, Xander's construction site, the inside of the Magic Box, and UC Sunnydale.[12]

The Trio acted as minor villains, but they took a darker turn after their leader Warren killed his ex-girlfriend Katrina Silber.[13] While Jonathan began to desire to leave the group, Andrew was infatuated with both Warren and the idea of getting away with crimes.

Though the Trio pulled off numerous crimes, Buffy continually thwarted them, and none of their actions made any name for themselves in Sunnydale's mystical underground.[4] Eventually, when Buffy thwarted their scheme to pull off mass amounts of bank robberies, the group disbanded with Warren escaping and leaving Andrew and Jonathan to be arrested.[2]

Warren made a last attempt of killing Buffy, which caused Tara's death. To avenge her girlfriend, Willow killed Warren[4] and unsuccessfully sought Andrew and Jonathan,[5] who escaped to Mexico. They returned to Sunnydale, where Andrew killed Jonathan under the influence of the First Evil.[14] After some time as their hostage, Andrew eventually joined the Scooby Gang.[6]

Actions and crimes[]

So you three have what? Banded together to be pains in my ass?
―Buffy Summers[src]
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