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In my day we didn't need any damn sensitivity.
―Trevor Lockley[src]

Trevor Lockley was a retired Los Angeles Police Department officer and the father of Kate Lockley.


During his retirement party, Kate attended with Angel as her date, prompting a briefly relieved comment from her father as he had apparently wondered if she was gay, only for the party to degenerate into an emotional mess due to the recent use of the sensitivity stick that Kate and other cops had been exposed to.

He later became involved with a group of drug-running vampires, only for things to turn sour when Kate and Angel discovered his involvement. Although Angel managed to track him down after a group of vampires were sent to kill him, Angel was unable to enter Trevor's apartment to save him as Trevor did not invite him in. The vampires killed him even after Angel assured them that he would kill them as soon as Trevor's death revoked the need for an invitation. His death was ultimately avenged by Angel and Kate who each staked one of the vampires that killed him.

In response to Trevor's death, Kate began to hate all paranormal creatures, especially vampires, and became openly hostile towards Angel. However, the two began to partly reconcile while investigating the actions of a group of zombie police officers. Kate briefly returned to her father's grave after she and Angel learned what was happening to see if her father was one of the zombies. Angel was able to confirm that her father remained in his grave. They ultimately reconciled completely when Angel saved Kate from a suicide attempt after she was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by John Mahon.