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Transmogrification,[1] also known as transmutation,[2][3] was a form of magic that involved transforming another person's or object's shape into another form of matter.[1]

It was different from glamours in that the latter were merely illusions.[4] Shapeshifting was the term employed for the ability of a being changing their own shape.[5]


Anya cursed her boyfriend Olaf into a troll using Thornton's Hope.[6] As a vengeance demon, she granted vengeful wishes that turned Stewart Burns into a demon[7] and Ronnie into a Sluggoth demon.[8]

During Halloween in 1997, Ethan invoked Janus to curse anyone wearing the costumes from his shop to become whatever they were dressed as. This included changing their species and inducing specific mind-sets.[9] Years later, Ethan used a spell to turn Giles into a Fyarl demon.[10]

The witch Amy turned Buffy into a rat with a spell that called on Hecate.[11]

A group of students called upon the demon Gachnar during a Halloween party at the Alpha Delta fraternity house. This caused matter and reality distortion, including the transmogrification of several objects into living things, such as a plastic spider into a real one.[12]

The bar owner Jack turned a group of college students into "cavemen" by serving them cursed Black Frost beer.[13]

When Willow, Xander, Giles, and Buffy became one being with the enjoining spell, they made one of Adam's projectiles into three separate doves.[14] Years later, Willow transformed the demons who were holding Spike against his will into cats.[15] To travel unnoticed, Willow also transformed Buffy into a fish.[16]

The Order of Dagon performed a ritual that turned the Key into a human: Dawn Summers.[17]

Glory used the Sobekian transmogrification spell to turn a snake into a demon.[1]

Lindsey transformed a small switchblade into a large medieval sword with his new powers.[18]

The Nest Egg transformed Angel into a puppet demon.[19]

The Thricewise demon Kenny performed a transformation curse on Dawn that turned her into a giant,[20] a centaur,[21] and a living doll.[22]