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== Behind the Scenes ==
== Behind the Scenes ==
*She was portrayed by Kristin Richardson.
*She was portrayed by Kristin Richardson. Kristin, along with other actors like James Marsters ([[Spike]]), Charisma Carpenter ([[Cordelia Chase]]), Julie Benz ([[Darla]]), Mercedes McNab ([[Harmony Kendall]]), Harry Groener ([[Richard Wilkins]]), Jack Plotnick ([[Allan Finch]]), Amber Benson ([[Tara Maclay]]), Amy Acker ([[Winifred Burkle]]/[[Illyria]]), John Rubinstein ([[Linwood Murrow]]), Felicia Day ([[Violet]]), Chad Lindberg ([[David Kirby]]), Jack Conley ([[Gib Cain]]/[[Sahjhan]]), Jeff Kober ([[Zachary Kralik]]/[[Rack]]), Aldis Hodge (Masked Teen), Rob Benedict ([[Jape]]), Todd Stashwick ([[M'Fashnik Demon]]), Jeffrey Dean Morgan ([[Sam Ryan]]), Megalyn Echikunwoke ([[Vaughne]]), Ridge Canipe ([[Tommy]]) and Keith Szarabajka ([[Daniel Holtz]]), David Haydn-Jones ([[Hobson]]), would later star on ''[ Supernatural]''.
== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==

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Tracy Bellows was a TV reporter and a follower of Jasmine. After all members of Team Angel were freed from Jasmine's thrall, Tracy became Jasmine's personal mediator.

Behind the Scenes


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