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The tower was built by crazy people and I don't think it's holding up very well
Dawn Summers[src]

This Tower was a crude structure built by Sunnydale's mentally-ill population, including the victims of Glorificus, mystically attracted by the coming of the "Big Day". Despite being completed in less than one day, the structure was several stories tall.

The purpose of the tower was to serve as a sacrifical place for Dawn Summers, who was suppossed to be bled by The Abomination in order to spill her blood into a specific location at an specific time. As Dawn's blood contained the energy of The Key, it would shatter the walls between realities, allowing the hellish goddess to return to her home dimension.



Built to privide a safe way up to Dawn to preform the ritual, it was also the location that the minions and victims of Glory were defending in 'The Gift'.

Notable Events

  • Two of Glory's minions led Dawn up it.
  • It was defended by Glory's army against the Scooby Gang.
  • A Minion kicked Buffy, but she was unharmed and threw him over the bansiter.
  • Dawn walked down it at the end of 'The Gift'.
  • Newly resurected, Buffy used it to get to the last place she was before she died.
  • It was destroyed in 'Bargaining, Part Two'.

Staircase Appearances


The staircase still exists, but it is buried under the rest of the tower when it collapsed. Thsi was made worse in 'Chosen', when the whole town caved in over the Hellmouth.

Pile of Bricks

In 'The Gift', the Buffybot fought fought Glory disguised as the real slayer. Halfway througth their fight, she flipped her opponant onto the pile of bricks. Missing her head, she punched through some blocks before being thrown onto a work bench.


The Gift.


The fate of the bricks is unknown.

Plot Holes

If the tower was built in the same way as scofolding, then why did they need the bricks in the first place?

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