Toth was a demon and the last survivor of the Tothric Clan


He was known to use tools and thus was considered a sophisticated demon. He attempted to kill the Slayer Buffy Summers in 2000, with the aid of a Ferula Gemina. This would split Buffy into two beings: one being her Slayer and the other a human Buffy. He would then kill the human Buffy which would kill the Slayer half. However, when encountering the Slayer at the garbage yard, he accidentally split Xander Harris instead when he took the shot for Buffy. When the two Xanders reunited, Toth attacked them again at Xander's newly acquired apartment where Buffy managed to kill Toth by impaling him with a sword.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Michael Bailey Smith.
  • During the DVD commentary for The Replacement, Jane Espenson reveals that Toth was not originally called "Toth" and that she changed it just so she could work in the joke about the word being British slang.


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