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Toru’s pack was a sect of Japanese vampires led by Toru, who sought to undo the global activation of Slayers.


Dracula lost a bet to these vampires while drunk, losing the secret of his shapeshifting powers to them in the process. Using these new powers to their advantage, Toru and his pack attacked the Slayer Organization command center and made off with the Scythe.[1] They went to Tokyo and tested their plan of removing the Slayer powers on Aiko, easily killing her.[2]

Discovering what Toru planned to do, Dracula teamed up with the Scooby Gang, and went to Tokyo after the pack.[3] With his help, Willow Rosenberg countered Toru’s spell with Augustine's Curse Reversal and Dracula's sword, stripping Toru and his minions of their stolen powers.

The pack revealed to have constructed a Mecha Dawn to attack the Slayer Organization, but the robot was then destroyed by Dawn Summers. In the battle, Raidon was staked by Satsu. Toru had his hand cut off by Dracula, then was beheaded by Xander Harris for his assassination of Renee. Buffy Summers stabbed Kumiko Ishihara with a knife while falling from a building, but her fate is unknown.[4]