Toru was a powerful Japanese vampire and the leader of his own sect on Tokyo, Japan. He owned a large company that specialized in robotics. During a game of pai gow with a drunk Dracula, Toru wagered a motorcycle against the magic behind Dracula's powers. Dracula later suspects Toru of cheating and regrets allowing the witch associate of Toru, Kumiko Ishihara, to deal the tiles.

Toru and his followers planned to build a giant lens that would be used in conjunction with The Scythe to depower all Slayers. First, he tested out a smaller lens on a Slayer by the name of Aiko. It worked, and Aiko was rendered powerless. Toru then broke her jaw before killing her. After stealing Buffy Summers' Scythe, Buffy and her squad arrived in Tokyo to retrieve it from the vampires.

During the fight between Buffy and the now-powerful vampires, Toru killed Renee, a Slayer that Xander Harris had fallen for, by impaling her from behind with The Scythe. Willow Rosenberg then used a spell on Toru's giant red lens using Dracula's sword. This had the opposite of Toru's desired effect: instead of robbing the Slayers of their powers, the Japanese vampires were robbed of their shape-shifting powers (which shocked Toru). Now that the Slayers could gain the upper hand in battle, Toru attacked Dracula, taunting him that now he too was an "ordinary vampire." Dracula easily defeated Toru, snatching his sword from him and using it to slice off all of Toru's limbs. Toru then demanded that Dracula kill him, to preserve Toru's honor. Dracula refused to kill him, claiming that Toru knew nothing about true honor. Then Dracula handed his sword to Xander, giving Xander the chance to decapitate Toru to avenge Renee's death.


Season Eight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

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